Grabbing the IT Dream

Recent research, developments, and improvements into the .NET framework have been explosive! With the advent of .NET Core, which will soon be released as open source software, cross-platform and mutli-device possibilities for expansion have never been greater. With this state of affairs, corporate executives and economic analysts are also predicting an increased need for IT professionals. Those with the training (or even simply the interest and experience) can better position themselves for an ideal IT Job. Below is a list of tips that can help you land that first job.

Understanding the latest .NET developments is absolutely essential. It is the interactive foundation to platforms like Silverlight and Windows Store, as well as devices that include Windows Phone. Its chief duties include exception handling, memory subroutines, and network and device security.


In addition to .NET, aspiring IT experts should learn the iins and outs of as many programs, software bundles, and platforms as they can. One of the most prominent needs customers have when calling an IT professional is help with compatibility and cross-platform issues. Having a strong understanding of how programs work (or don’t) on mulltiple platforms you people a few steps ahead of their competition.

Seriously consider going for internships as you apply for IT jobs. While internships typically do not pay (some provide a stipend or room and board), they look great on a resume. Many IT programs require at least one internship as part of their training. Also, a successful track record in an internship can sometimes lead to a job at the same company.

Perfect your resume and cover letter. Resumes need constant revision, and not just because you gain more experience. The standards and styles of resumes in the IT field (and most others) are constantly changing. New fonts, clearer formats, and different ordering should be a constant part of your education.

Know yourself. Know your goals. Understand what you want out of a career. This may seem obvious, but many people have a lot of ambition with only a little direction. Understanding what you want in a job helps you direct that ambition and turn it into positive energy and industriousness.

One other thing should go without saying. Know the product you create, inside and out. That way, you are able to be part of the next generation of improvements. This above all will help employers see you as an enthusiastic, positive contributor to the IT world.

Grabbing the IT Dream